50 Most Iconic Video Game Characters of the 21st Century

From a blocky hero beloved by millions to the most memorable monsters and heroes modern games have to offer

Barbarian from 'Clash of Clans'9/50

9. Barbarian

The mean-tempered, blonde-mustachioed, kilt-clad Barbarian is the first troop you unlock when placing a barracks in Clash of Clans, and remains a staple of any successful strategy at every level. He may seem like a angry, aggro, blunt instrument incapable of prioritizing what he needs to be walloping first, but he's cheap, effective, requires minimal housing space, and is incredibly destructive in a group. He's similarly awesome in Supercell's card-based battler Clash Royale, too.

Iconic Moment: A swarm of Barbarians charging across the map laying waste to everything in their path is truly a joy to behold.

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