50 Best Games of 2016

From 'Overwatch' and 'Stardew Valley' to 'Mario' and 'Pokémon', the best of a truly excellent year for games

Titanfall 2
'Titanfall 2' Respawn Entertainment5/50

5. Titanfall 2

While we'd known for months that Respawn was intending to create a single-player story mode for its sequel to 2014's Titanfall, what we didn't know was just how surprising it would turn out to be. Far from being the expected Call of Duty-style roller coaster with lots of shouting, explosions and big stompy robots, Titanfall 2 presented a dramatic and sometimes-emotionally charged story propped up by some deeply imaginative set-pieces. At times it channeled the kind of thoughtful level design seen in Half-Life or Portal, and by its conclusion we were hungry for more...and also a little bit weepy. What's up with that? As with the best campaigns of this kind, it did a great job of introducing all of the sword-wielding, jet-packing, rocket-launching, laser-blasting Titans that you'll call in during the multiplayer mode, and taught the techniques needed to brandish them effectively. The only sad thing is that the multiplayer servers are almost empty. For such a superbly designed game with such exciting battles, it seems the audience has gone elsewhere – particularly on PC.

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