50 Best Games of 2016

From 'Overwatch' and 'Stardew Valley' to 'Mario' and 'Pokémon', the best of a truly excellent year for games

Stephen's Sausage Roll
'Stephen's Sausage Roll' Increpare23/50

23. Stephen's Sausage Roll

There are two kinds of puzzle games. The first hands out story between puzzles, narrative beats as half-time refreshments. The second presents puzzles and lets motivation come entirely from the player. Stephen's Sausage Roll is the second kind, dropping us on to tiny islands and giving us a fork to roll the giant sausages of the title around with. It trusts us to find meaning in pushing sausages across grills without burning them or accidentally bumping them into the sea, hitting that strange zone pure puzzle games create where the pieces interlock, your brain reconfigures itself and suddenly rolling sausages around makes all the sense in the world.

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