50 Best Games of 2016

From 'Overwatch' and 'Stardew Valley' to 'Mario' and 'Pokémon', the best of a truly excellent year for games

Dark Souls 3
'Dark Souls 3' From Software15/50

15. Dark Souls 3

If this was the last Dark Souls game – there's a precedent in the market for fantasy trilogies after all – then Dark Souls 3 was a worthy send-off. A return to the oblique storytelling Dark Souls is famous for, it had a straightforward plot and plenty of action but behind that a wealth of worldbuilding for you to uncover. And the action was the best it's ever been, taking lessons from all the Souls games (and Bloodborne) to make something with kinetic heft, where every precise roll out of danger felt like a triumph.

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