5 Things You Need to Know from the Nintendo E3 2017 Spotlight

From the incredible 'Super Mario Odyssey' to 'Metroid Prime 4' and reboots of 'Yoshi' and 'Kirby' – Nintendo packed a lot into a short space of time

Super Mario Odyssey

This is a game where Mario hijacks the souls of inanimate objects. Super Mario Odyssey was first announced at Nintendo's formal Switch unveiling earlier this year, where we learned that Mario could invade our mundane reality and jump around New Donk City. That was already crazy, but this morning we saw Mario throw his plumber's cap on the head of an innocent bystander, de-materialize like Agent Smith, and wrests control of their brain. The man, of course, immediately sprouted a mustache. We saw this mechanic used on taxi cabs, dinosaurs, traffic pylons, goombas, bullet bills, and koopa shocktroopers. It looks insane, and we can't wait to play more when Odyssey releases on October 27.