5 Things You Need to Know from the Nintendo E3 2017 Spotlight

From the incredible 'Super Mario Odyssey' to 'Metroid Prime 4' and reboots of 'Yoshi' and 'Kirby' – Nintendo packed a lot into a short space of time

Pushing reset on Kirby and Yoshi

It's not a shock that Nintendo announced a new Kirby game and a new Yoshi game, but it is surprising that they're spartanly named Kirby and Yoshi respectively. Those two franchises are always loaded with subtitles – Wooly World, Epic Yarn, Planet Robobot – so it looks like Nintendo is intentionally trying to get back to basics. The Kirby gameplay we saw looked like a faithful, meat-and-potatoes update of the seminal Dream World. Yoshi evoked the slow-paced, kid-friendly puzzles (and the nursery-rhyme soundtrack) that distinguishes that character's solo games from the grander Mushroom Kingdom. Expect both games in 2018.

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