5 Reasons Why the Nintendo Switch Might Actually be Genius

By playing to its strengths and focusing on a new generation of player, Nintendo is placing the right bets

The Joy-Cons are Really Clever
The cute little Joy-Con controllers are actually really clever Nintendo5/5

The Joy-Cons are Really Clever

Nintendo's cute little controllers are quietly the stars of the Switch show. They're actually the glue that holds the whole concept together, letting you play different kinds of games in different configurations without the need for a bunch of add-ons. They work well, and switching between one mode and the next is practically seamless. The fact that they work snapped onto or off the main device, can be paired up like a conventional controller, used individually like an NES pad or waved around like a Wii remote is brilliant. It's already clear from our early hands-on with the device that the Switch itself simply detects how it's being used and adapts accordingly. This kind of elegant simplicity would be enough on its own, but the added inclusion of haptic feedback (what Nintendo calls "HD rumble") for communicating texture and that funky IR camera means we'll likely see the kind of experimentation with control systems that made the Wii so interesting. 1-2-Switch may be a goofy demo with some odd, stomach-churning ideas, but there are already some genuinely unique concepts starting to surface – like the character creation system in Koei Tecmo's Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence that creates warlords based on what you point the Joy-Con's camera at.

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