5 Reasons Why the Nintendo Switch Might Actually be Genius

By playing to its strengths and focusing on a new generation of player, Nintendo is placing the right bets

It's the First Post-Esports Console
Nintendo's esports aspirations are more practical than you think Nintendo2/5

It's the First Post-Esports Console

Whereas the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One emerged as competitive gaming and Twitch streaming was really starting to take hold, the Switch has the luxury of embracing the whole scene from day one. Nintendo has yet to show its hand when it comes to support for livestreaming services, but there are already hints of things being conceived with broadcast in mind. Take the recent announcement of Splatoon 2's LAN play functionality that supports 10 Switch systems being linked on a wired network. Eight of these are for players, but the two remaining slots are for spectators. While this might sound like a throwaway feature, it makes much more sense when you consider that those two spectator spots can be used as livestreaming "cameras" with one assigned to each team. When it comes to esports, this functionality is downright essential for producing broadcasts are dynamic and intelligently presented while enjoying the benefits of a wired network.

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