5 Reasons Why the Nintendo Switch Might Actually be Genius

By playing to its strengths and focusing on a new generation of player, Nintendo is placing the right bets

It Embraces Multi-Screening
Switch embraces the culture of multi-screening Nintendo4/5

It Embraces Multi-Screening

Teenagers have a capacity for multi-screening that makes anyone over the age of 30's head spin. Forget dual-screening; it's not uncommon to see a 15-year-old triple-screening: playing Counter-Strike: GO on a laptop with a tablet open for Skype and a phone on hand to squeeze in a Clash raid between rounds.

When Nintendo announced that the online functionality of the Switch was being routed to our smartphones, the majority of us scratched our heads and wondered what the hell they were thinking. But that's because we're not 15. In reality, the move is genius – assuming you're on board with the idea that everyone actually owns a smart device of some kind. For a generation that's used to multitasking across multiple gadgets, it makes total sense to route any support functionality to a separate device. It also means that no one has to worry about switching between apps in the middle of a frantic game of Splatoon 2 or supporting multiple windows on a screen that's only six inches across.

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