5 Must See Moments from EA's E3 Showcase

New co-op game 'A Way Out,' a Bioware tease and, of course, a face full of 'Star Wars Battlefront II'


That Bioware 'Anthem' Tease

Fans were primed to see something new from Bioware, the studio behind Dragon Age and Mass Effect. And we did, sort of. What we got was a teaser for Anthem, the new game, and the promise that we would see more of it a the Xbox Showcase tomorrow. 

What do we know? It'll let players "explore a landscape of primeval beauty, confront the dangers you find, and grow in power with every step" and it got announced just after talk of EA's stealth incubator division, Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division, or SEED. “We want to blur the line between reality and virtual worlds,” says EA executive vice president Patrick Söderlund. “What if instead of giving millions of players control of a single virtual character, we had games with millions of characters shaped by you, our players?” It feels as though Anthem could be a chance to see this groundbreaking idea in action.

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