5 Must See Moments from EA's E3 Showcase

New co-op game 'A Way Out,' a Bioware tease and, of course, a face full of 'Star Wars Battlefront II'


'A Way Out'

From Hazelight, the studios behind Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, this split-screen co-op only title A Way Out was one of EA's surprises. An adventure about breaking out of jail, think Shawshank Redemption but for the Twitch generation. It looked as heavy on the feels as the action, and is a great example of wheat can happen when blockbuster studios support indie. The game's writer and director Josef Fares promised exploration, driving and action, and that the game would "kick ass." 

The split screen mechanic looked interesting, we saw one character wandering around while the other character was in a cut-scene, one player observing a scuffle their co-op buddy was in around a corner. It makes for some interesting co-op and storytelling potential when the game is released in early 2018. 

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