21 Trailblazing Twitch Streamers to Watch Now

From pro 'Hearthstone' tips to amazing body paint cosplay and a puppet that plays 'Overwatch,' meet the live streamers getting our Cheers on Twitch



Syndicate is the biggest gamer on Twitch right now with 2.5 million followers to his name. In 2014 he was the first ever person to reach 1 million followers, and he knows how to hustle his internet fame. He's had some troubles lately with that whole CS:GO Lotto conflict-of-interest thing, but he's not the first entertainer to deal with drama. On stream he has enough energy to fuel a Mountain Dew fountain for a good 12 hours and streams a mix of games from Minecraft to blockbuster shooters – right now he's all about Modern Warfare Remastered.
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