2016's 10 Most WTF Moments in Games

From the Pope hanging with YouTubers to Norman Reedus in the nude – it's been a weird year for video games

Palmer Luckey Funds Hate Memes

Palmer Luckey Funds Hate Memes

When you're a twenty-something who just sold his company, Oculus VR, for $2 billion we expect you to do some dumb shit. Buy ridiculous cars, throw a yacht party and hire Beyonce to appear, get a house with its own shark tank, those are all things we can back you on. Using your cash to fund political hate memes during an election? Not so much. In September Luckey was outed as the money behind "shitposting" group Nimble America after posting on Reddit as NimbleRichMan, and said he thought it sounded like a "real jolly good time." The news broke just ahead of Oculus Connect, the VR company's annual showcase event, from which Luckey was noticeably absent and he hasn't been seen online or at VR events since. A jolly good time indeed.

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