2016's 10 Most WTF Moments in Games

From the Pope hanging with YouTubers to Norman Reedus in the nude – it's been a weird year for video games

Hello Games

'No Man’s Sky' is No Man's Idea of Fun

This space exploration game went from hero to zero when it was released in August. People had big dreams for an endless, procedurally generated universe to explore so they were pretty surprised – not to mention angry – when they realized they were spending a lot of time scanning rocks, collecting rocks and then scanning another set of rocks. In hindsight we all might have been expecting a little too much from a small British studio whose previous game had been a side-scroller called Joe Danger, but teaser trailers and hyperbolic interviews made fools of us all in the end. The game has had some updates since but it'll probably never recover from the disastrous release and backlash.

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