2016's 10 Most WTF Moments in Games

From the Pope hanging with YouTubers to Norman Reedus in the nude – it's been a weird year for video games


Naked Norman Reedus in 'Death Stranding'

There were a lot of theories about what Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, would be working on for his first post-Konami game. Literally none of those theories involved a naked man on a beach holding a baby, so we don't know how games journalists can even look each other in the eye anymore. Yes, this was the teaser trailer for Death Stranding, which sent the internet (or at least Reddit) into meltdown when it was shown at E3 in June. Everyone had something new to point out, Reedus' ostentatious lack of a belly button, the handcuffs he was sporting like some sort of hardcore friendship bracelet, and plenty of dead crabs.

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