2016's 10 Most WTF Moments in Games

From the Pope hanging with YouTubers to Norman Reedus in the nude – it's been a weird year for video games


'God Of War' Goes Viking

Kratos is back and he's… Nordic? Kratos and his ash covered nipples are as familiar to PlayStation fans as their mother's faces. The angry icon of the brand for so many years, we thought we knew what to expect from the Spartan, namely killing and smiting his way through the greatest hits of Greek mythology. But what was this? A snowy setting? A child? Norse stuff? This was a revelation, with (grumpy) father figure Kratos in a new world, and as soon as the crowd at massive gaming event E3 in June saw that bald head and familiar tattoo it went buck wild. Little did we know that Sony showcase was about to get even weirder...

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