2016's 10 Most WTF Moments in Games

From the Pope hanging with YouTubers to Norman Reedus in the nude – it's been a weird year for video games


'Fable Legends' Got Whacked

The smell of death was on Fable Legends the minute it was announced as a free-to-play game in early 2015, the stench only got stronger when it was noticeably absent from Microsoft's March showcase this year. Finally word came from the executioners, Fable Legends and the studio that made it, Lionhead, was officially dead. With it went the hope of Fable fans that the whimsical and sometimes weird (one of the few games where birth control was a serious issue) RPG would return to its former glory. Some might say that trying to make one of the most popular RPGs into a hack and slash online team game was a mistake, but we just checked the stable and that horse has already bolted. Into a bonfire. Full of horse poison.