20 Awesome 'Star Wars' Characters that Came From Games

From the guy who originally stole the Death Star plans back in 1995 to the meanest droid in 'Star Wars'

Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus – a ragged hole in the Force that drains the life of everything he comes into contact with LucasArts12/20

Darth Nihilus

When we first met Darth Nihilus in Obsidian's 2004 sequel to Knights of the Old Republic, he wasn't so much a being, as an absence: a ragged hole in the force that drains the life from anything he comes into contact with. He was human once, but after surviving the destruction of a Mass Shadow Generator superweapon on the planet of Malachor V he was consumed, quite literally, by his hunger and rage. The more he consumed and destroyed, the more insatiable his hunger became. Nihilus infused his spirit into his armor and lightsaber, allowing him to persist past the moment his own body collapsed inward in itself, consumed by the black hole of the Force inside of him. He's a terrifying villain who cannot be bargained with or even fully understood, more of a malevolent ghost than a typical self-serving Sith. Despite being such a significant presence in the Old Republic era of the Extended Universe, Nihilus hasn't really shown up elsewhere since. He was briefly mentioned in James Luceno's 2012 novel Darth Plagueis but there have been few other mentions of him.

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