20 Awesome 'Star Wars' Characters that Came From Games

From the guy who originally stole the Death Star plans back in 1995 to the meanest droid in 'Star Wars'

Carth Onasi
Carth Onasi, unintentional goof of 'KOTOR' LucasArts19/20

Carth Onasi

OK, so he isn't exactly "awesome" but we've included Carth Onasi mainly because he's pretty unusual for a Star Wars character in that he was so unintentionally goofy. Whining and feckless with a romantic subplot so impossibly cheesy it made modern Bioware narratives look like Danielle Steele, Onasi was the answer to the question "What if you had a dark, tortuous secret but no one wanted to hear you talk about it?" Interestingly, if at the end of the first Knights of the Old Republic you took the "dark" path and Revan reassumed his mantle as Dark Lord of the Sith, Onasi would flee in terror and disappear from the franchise completely. If you played the sequel having made this choice, he was replaced by a totally different character.

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