20 Awesome 'Star Wars' Characters that Came From Games

From the guy who originally stole the Death Star plans back in 1995 to the meanest droid in 'Star Wars'

Canderous Ordo
Canderous Ordo, later known as "Mandalore the Preserver" LucasArts18/20

Canderous Ordo

Canderous Ordo (later referred to as Mandalore the Preserver when he emerged as leader of the Mandalorian people in Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Drew Karpyshyn's novel The Old Republic: Revan) was one of the only characters on this list who actually heavily influenced a franchise outside the Star Wars universe: without Canderous Ordo, there almost certainly would be no Urdnot Wrex in the Mass Effect series. He was Bioware's first stab at the 'unrepentant lifelong mercenary who tells you amazing war stories' schtick, but Ordo is such a tremendously compelling example of the archetype that it follows he set the template so completely. Despite no longer being a canonical character, he's still an excellent example of the core Mandalorian warrior philosophy and his single-minded combative approach clearly influenced the way the culture was presented in The Clone Wars TV show and other media.

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