15 Essential Games That Need to Come to Sega Forever Next

In an era where it's supposedly easy to emulate older games on practically any device with a screen, Sega Forever makes a lot of sense. The new service, free but supported by ads that can be removed for $1.99, lets you play a handful of the best, most iconic Genesis games right now: Phantasy Star II, Altered Beast, and Sonic the Hedgehog, Kid Chameleon, and Comix Zone. It's a fairly scant lineup, but Sega’s promised that the service will eventually span its library across all consoles. The initial launch has been somewhat marred by performance issues with the Unity-based emulator that Sega is using – something that Sega Networks' chief marketing officer Mike Evans says was necessary due to "fragmentation" in the mobile space. Following the launch of Sega Forever last week, players have taken to the App Store and Google Play to complain about choppy frame rates, out-of-sync audio, and input lag, even on high-end devices like the Google Pixel. "What we wanted to do is bring these games to the largest audience possible, and that's one of the things that mobile does," Evans told Eurogamer. "We looked at a number of different things, and what we decided was Unity allowed us that broadness and we could piggyback a lot of the updates as well," he said noting that the games would see updates to address some of the problem. He also noted that "it opens up other commercial opportunities for us with Apple TVs, desktops and the Switch as well."

So, aside from emulation fixes to the existing games – what games should Sega drop next? We've collated some of the most obvious, most fondly remembered names from Sega's thirty odd years in the console business. From the pre-Sega Master System era to the gone-too-soon Dreamcast, Sega has some long-buried hits in its catalog, and it's about time they see the light of day in a format that's accessible to the masses.