11 Things That Would Make 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Even Better

It's about as perfect as a video game can get, but that's not to say we wouldn't change anything about it

Armor Enchanting
Who wouldn't want an old shirt that protects against fireballs? Nintendo7/11

Armor Enchanting

Breath's armor system is something else, unlike any other facet of this weird, wonderful game. Unlike weapons, armor never breaks, so you don't have to worry about picking up new boots and helmets every five minutes. Some armor sets can be bought from shops around Hyrule, while others can only be found in shrine chests or other one-off spots, and thus are unique. You can dye armor different colors and upgrade it with the help of Hyrule's Great Fairies – and this is the only part of the game that truly feels like a grind (when you're farming rushrooms for the climbing gear you'll know).

But there could have been another layer to Breath's armor, and it could have nicely intersected with another of the game's systems: enchanting. With the current elixir cooking system many players wind up with an endless, unused supply of bugs and monster parts sitting in their inventories. These are the ingredients used to make elixirs, but given that food can be more useful (since it also restores hearts) elixirs are often ignored.

What if you could take those same ingredients and use them at a special, hidden shrine to enchant your armor with various effects like increased attack, cold resist, or even stamina regen? The effect could wear off after a set amount of time, so it wouldn't be too powerful. But it could also let you mix and match sets and effects in creative and fun ways. Who wouldn't want an old shirt that protects against fireballs?

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