11 Things That Would Make 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Even Better

It's about as perfect as a video game can get, but that's not to say we wouldn't change anything about it

A Goddamn Recipe Book
After we've discovered all these recipes, how hard would it be to track them for us? Nintendo8/11

A Goddamn Recipe Book

Breath's cooking system is kind of incredible. It's both extremely robust, allowing for ample experimentation and variety, and deceptively simple. It's easy and fun to simply try a recipe out and hope for the best, while it's difficult and rewarding to truly master how to make the right dishes for every situation.

But there's one thing missing from this system, an omission that's probably stopped many players from bothering to experiment with or learn the ins and outs of cooking in Breath of the Wild: A recipe book that actually remembers those impressive stir-fries, curries and apple pies you've manage to concoct in a cook pot.

The developers weren't shy about adding as many menu screens to this game as they pleased. There's an entire page of that does nothing but show you descriptions of the runes you acquired in the game's first hour – arguably not something we actually needed cluttering up our menu screen. So how bad would it have really been to stick another tab in the inventory menu that showed the recipes for food you've already cooked?

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