11 'League of Legends' Streamers You Should Be Watching

Whether you're looking to learn something or just hang out, these are the most entertaining and on-point personalities out there


Pretty much everyone on this list is guilty of leaning on meme-driven humor, but Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi might be the king of them all. There's no doubting that he's a great League player – he serves as ADC for the illustrious North American team Cloud9 – but for some, his audience-selected playlist and overtly saucy interactions with his chat might be a bit much. For those that don't mind the antics, there's a lot to love about Sneaky's channel, like his stunning consistency when playing the AD position. And since he streams parallel to his pro career, you'll sometimes hear his thoughts on recent wins or losses, which provide some interesting insights about the nitty-gritty of championship-level play.

Check out Sneaky's Twitch channel.

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