11 'League of Legends' Streamers You Should Be Watching

Whether you're looking to learn something or just hang out, these are the most entertaining and on-point personalities out there


In the fast-evolving scene of competitive League of Legends, William "Scarra" Li stands out as a true veteran. As a former mid laner for Team Dignitas, Scarra spends most of his time "post-retirement" as an analyst, streamer, and co-host of the weekly LCS talk show Beyond the Rift. Don't let his full docket of projects fool you, though – Scarra is still a top-tier League player, not just when he's on his signature champions like Diana and Katarina, but in pretty much every other aspect of the game.

Now that he's an analyst, Scarra is great at breaking down the game as he plays it, and his broadcasts are among the most helpful you'll find on Twitch.

Check out Scarra's Twitch channel.

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