11 'League of Legends' Streamers You Should Be Watching

Whether you're looking to learn something or just hang out, these are the most entertaining and on-point personalities out there


You don't make $2 million a year by streaming unless you're the very best, and Michael "Imaqtpie" Santana puts on arguably the finest League show out there. Decked out in his signature gym shorts and white t-shirt combo, QT's one of the most instantly-recognizable figures in the scene, and his stream fluctuates between hilarious solo queue fiascos and high-level gameplay that you could actually learn from. Pair that with QT's hand-picked playlists that lean toward deep-cut trap music and oldschool rap, and you've got an ideal place to while away a couple of hours.

Not only does the former Team Dignitas star boast the top-tier skills it takes to churn out constant highlight reels, he's funny enough to make his daily 10-hour streams feel as smooth and natural as, well, sitting with your funniest friend and playing some LoL.

Check out Imaqtpie's Twitch channel.