11 'League of Legends' Streamers You Should Be Watching

Whether you're looking to learn something or just hang out, these are the most entertaining and on-point personalities out there


Ah, good old Marcus "Dyrus" Hill. The former TSM toplaner may be "washed-up" (a self-deprecating meta-joke he tells about himself all the time), but something about his low, resonating monotone voice and overall demeanor keeps us coming back for more.

The weird thing about Dyrus, even to this day, is that he doesn't come off as the kind of dude who should be doing this for a living. He can be insecure, he goes on tilt when he's having a bad day, and he'll sometimes stream in complete silence if he's not feeling talkative. But that's how most of us are when we play League, and that relatability is kind of what we love about the guy. He might not be everyone's go-to, but his stream is pretty much the creamy mashed potatoes of League: familiar, comforting, and consistent.

Check out Dyrus' Twitch channel.

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