11 'League of Legends' Streamers You Should Be Watching

Whether you're looking to learn something or just hang out, these are the most entertaining and on-point personalities out there


Once upon a time, Albert "Boxbox" Zheng played the top lane role for Velocity eSports, but he's known primarily for his long-running Twitch stream, where he's made a name for himself by playing Riven in pretty much every game. As far as "one-trick ponies" are concerned, Boxbox is one of the best you'll find, and his inside-out knowledge of his character is so expansive that his stream never gets old.

Adding to Boxbox's appeal is his godlike skill at the rhythm game Osu!, which he whips out from time to time to prove that yes, he's unbelievably good at videogames. And finally, for the folks who love a good cosplay, Boxbox has been known to do a pretty good Arcade Riven impression.

Check out Boxbox's Twitch channel.

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