11 Indie Games of 2016 You Need to Play

From video games' answer to 'Stranger Things' to adventures in farming and a rethink of first person shooters, 2016 was an excellent year for indies

'Furi' The Game Bakers


Eventually the world will produce a video game that perfectly encapsulates the overwhelming, hyper-athletic bravado of your average Dragon Ball Z showdown. But for now, Furi is the next best thing. It's a boss-battler cast under a rain-slicked neon purple. You play a supremely confident cyber-samurai with lightspeed dashes and a sword that crackles with blue electricity, but it's up to you to put him to good use. Furi has the timing of Punch-Out and the unforgiving precision of Ninja Gaiden. You fight through the tears and master every pattern on a virtuosic level. Games are getting easier and easier as time goes on, but there are still a few developers creating those magical 3 a.m. moments when your obsession finally morphs into glory.

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