11 Indie Games of 2016 You Need to Play

From video games' answer to 'Stranger Things' to adventures in farming and a rethink of first person shooters, 2016 was an excellent year for indies

'Duskers' Misfits Attic


Duskers is a deeply anti-social game. You control a few spelunking drones exploring an old, decrepit spacecraft from the comfort of an arcane, DOS-like console. It’s basically a roguelike puzzle with a delectable sense of dread. In most games, when things go wrong, you simply push your analog sticks in the direction of the nearest exit and fire your guns til you find salvation. In Duskers all you have is your keyboard. You're alone in the dark with a failing airlock, desperately banging out input commands to keep your head above water. It brings to mind other dirty sci-fi simulations like Uplink or Frozen Synapse. No game has ever tried to articulate what it'd be like to loot intergalactic wrecks in the far-flung future, but apparently it'd be terrifying. 

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