11 Indie Games of 2016 You Need to Play

From video games' answer to 'Stranger Things' to adventures in farming and a rethink of first person shooters, 2016 was an excellent year for indies

'Darkest Dungeon' Red Hook Studios

Darkest Dungeon

You can't find many stylish dungeon crawls. Ultima screenshots are not going to be framed in the MoMA anytime soon. But that’s maybe our favorite thing about Darkest Dungeon. It's just so fun to look at. You control a grim band of heroes exploring the twisting catacombs underneath an old cursed manor. You'll confront demons, cultists, and the remorseless undead, all drawn in this beautiful, heavy-lined murkiness that reflect the grim realities of the universe. A central mechanic of Darkest Dungeon is sanity and stress, and as your torches die or a monster's bile coats your skin, members of your party suffer deep psychotic scars. It wouldn't work nearly as well if the art wasn't so bleak.

Darkest Dungeon is also a fantastic RPG. The combat is visceral and the crafting systems are intuitive. But you will mostly return for the feeling of being far from sanctuary, slicing through another hoard, holding it together the best you can. 

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