11 Indie Games of 2016 You Need to Play

From video games' answer to 'Stranger Things' to adventures in farming and a rethink of first person shooters, 2016 was an excellent year for indies

'Brigador' Stellar Jockeys


Indie games with impeccably crafted pixel art can feel a little static. If you've spent years on a small team building every environment from the ground up, the idea of letting players actually interact with your scenery might be an afterthought. The beautiful, cover-photo worthy low-tech vistas are for looking, not touching.

Brigador didn't get that memo. It's an isometric mech shooter where everything is destructible. Walk through walls, blow down buildings, march through a car park and toss all that seething metal in the air. It captures the same disestablishment glee you get from the old arcade game Rampage – you're an overpowered monster in a tiny world, tearing down everything. Brigador is not the most nuanced game on this list, but you'll be too busy stomping through SimCity neighborhoods to care.

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