11 Indie Games of 2016 You Need to Play
11 Don't Miss Indie Games Glixel

The past year has seen more and more blockbusters take creative risks – exploring the limits of genres and tapping into the creative spirit that's being pioneered by small independent studios around the world. Just as we've seen in the worlds of music and movies, the indie games scene is fast maturing into something that's becoming a driving force of creativity and a tremendous source of inspiration. Not only are we seeing beautiful, imaginative and moving experiences coming from small teams, but we're also seeing them start to alter the expectations of players and makers alike.

Over the past year we've seen some great indie success stories that have pushed boundaries and explored new ideas that will no doubt trickle down to the big budget blockbusters of years to come. Here are 11 of our favorites of the past year that you shouldn't miss out on.