10 Hugely Influential Games that Turned 10 in 2016

From 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' to 'Brain Age', see the games that set standards a decade ago

8. 'Saints Row'

The influence of Grand Theft Auto on Saints Row is undeniable. Saints Row even preserved aspects of GTA: San Andreas like gang warfare and character customization that the GTA series itself would abandon. Saints Row was intended as a parody of GTA but didn't go far enough – a problem remedied in its over-the-top sequels – and essentially killed off the straight GTA clone as a genre. After Saints Row the Mafia games doubled down on their recreations of historical periods while the Driver series went weird with Driver: San Francisco, in which you play a man in a coma hallucinating that he has the ability to possess people driving cars. Saints Row pushed open-world crime games into finding their own identities.

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