10 Essential Free Games of 2016

From RPG puzzlers to first person shooters, download platform Itch.io is giving free to play a good name

Zen and the Art of Transhumanism
'Zen and the Art of Transhumanism' Deconstructeam9/10

Zen and the Art of Transhumanism

Zen puts you in the glowing go-go boots of an android who crafts custom body parts all day, every day for humans looking to upgrade their hardware to something a little less natural. You make these by using a potter's lathe and various tools to shape hunks of carbon into the perfect organ or limb. Some of the designs might be a bit too finicky – and the world depicted disturbing, once you consider the consequences – but the work itself is indeed zen, the stuff of pure relaxation. It's easy to let the synths lull you into a trance as you try again and again to sculpt that perfect "Temple," which will "eliminate the need for social acceptance." We could all use that.
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