10 Essential Free Games of 2016

From RPG puzzlers to first person shooters, download platform Itch.io is giving free to play a good name

'Windowframe' Daniel Linssen8/10


Game developer Daniel Linssen has quietly cranked out some of the most thematically-striking games of the past few years, such as Birdsong and Roguelight, but Windowframe might be his best yet. Like much of Linssen's work, he takes a simple concept, refines it into a whole game, and then gets out the second he starts repeating himself. In Windowframe, the visual space itself is your playground – by using a set of six stakes to pull and pinch the ever-shifting edges of the screen, you can erase projectiles, create platforms, and build walls to bounce off of. It might give you the occasional headache, but the degree of cleverness that goes into each of its dozens of levels makes it worth the pain.
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