10 Essential Free Games of 2016

From RPG puzzlers to first person shooters, download platform Itch.io is giving free to play a good name

'Void Pyramid' Will Electrix

Void Pyramid

Out of all the games on this list, Willy Electrix's Void Pyramid might seem the hardest to approach: a top-down role-playing game that has more in common with dungeon-crawling relics like Wizardry and Ultima than the brazen dragon-slaying of, say, Skyrim. But by stripping back the game to its barest elements – only one button, a handful of attributes, and the sparsest combat this side of Earthbound Void Pyramid manages to embody the "play-it-your-way" ethos of the tabletop games that so clearly inspire it. And don't let the game's distinct "space Egypt" setting put you off – Void features some of the best writing and puzzle design of the year. Better-still, it doesn't obscure those winning attributes with punishing mechanics like permanent player death, which means that anybody patient enough to look past its raw character can experience its charms.
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