10 Essential Free Games of 2016

From RPG puzzlers to first person shooters, download platform Itch.io is giving free to play a good name

'Eggnogg+' Madgarden


Maybe it's just the holiday season, but any list of the best free games that doesn't include Madgarden's take on epee-slashing tug-of-war would just feel a tad incomplete. While it owes a tremendous debt to Messhof's Nidhogg – a fact that it freely admits, from the title on up –  Eggnogg+ feels different enough to justify its own existence, with an entirely distinct set of sword techniques and maps. Whereas Nidhogg focuses more on split-second swordcraft and deft parries, Eggnogg+ is more of a rough-and-tumble affair, with your untimely deaths more likely to come from stage hazards like pitfalls or errant explosions. Considering that Nidhogg remains one of the best couch competitive games on the market even years after its release, there was always going to be room for an imitator; we're just lucky it turned out this good.
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