10 Essential Free Games of 2016

From RPG puzzlers to first person shooters, download platform Itch.io is giving free to play a good name

'Breach and Clean' Rami Ismail

Breach and Clean

Inspired by the stubborn persistence of real-life hotel staff in Barcelona, the premise of famed developer Rami Ismali's Breach and Clean could serve as a summation of the Itch.io aesthetic: as a member of housekeeping, you must clean the rooms of your guests as quickly as you can, whether they like it or not. This includes mopping up noxious spills, flushing toilets, and – true to the game's explosive namesake – breaching the locked doors of unsuspecting inn-goers with sticks of dynamite. While this might sound dreary and dull, Breach and Clean demonstrates how a ticking clock can make almost any task seem exciting and engaging. Just don't tarry too long in a guest's room – if they get too worked up at your antics, you're fired, and you have to start from the bottom floor all over again.
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