10 Defining Esports Moments of 2016

We've seen esports grow in fits and starts over the past decade, but we've yet to see a year with such strong momentum as 2016

Wings vs. DC at The International 2016 Grand Final

Wings Gaming wins 'Dota 2' TI6 and the biggest esports prize purse in history

On August 13, the Chinese Dota 2 team Wings Gaming defeated Digital Chaos 3-1 in the grand finals of The International 6, taking home a $9.1M prize – the largest sum ever awarded in esports. The total prize pool was over $20M.

Valve's International Championships achieve their sky-high prize totals via crowdfunding, with 25% of certain in-game item purchases added to the base prize pool. To add $19M, Dota 2 players spent around $77M on in-game items in the months leading up to TI6. Per #9 above, that's approximately 1.6 MLGs.

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