10 Defining Esports Moments of 2016

We've seen esports grow in fits and starts over the past decade, but we've yet to see a year with such strong momentum as 2016

OG vs Ad Finem at the 'Dota 2' Boston Major Grand Final

Ad Finem pulls off the greatest Cinderella run in 'Dota 2' history

At Dota 2's Boston Major on December 10, Team OG made history by winning their third Valve-sponsored event, but the real story was the runner-up. Before Boston, no player on the Greek team Ad Finem had won more than $7,000; it would have been charitable even to call them underdogs. The more accurate term might have been "underplankton."

Undeterred, Ad Finem showed up ready to play. What followed was the greatest Cinderella run in Dota 2 history, and perhaps in all of esports. Ad Finem beat Newbee, a top Chinese team, 2-1. They beat LGD.ForeverYoung, another top Chinese team, 2-1. Then they defeated Digital Chaos, runners-up at The International 6 in August, 2-0. Their chances in each series would have been assumed to be approximately a snow fort's in Hell. In the final, Ad Finem lost 1-3, but the solitary game they won was possibly the craziest game of Dota 2 ever played, with a finish that brought everyone in the venue screaming and stomping to their feet.

Even finishing second, the five members of Ad Finem walked away with $100,000 each.

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