10 Biggest Video Game Duds of 2016

From 'No Man's Sky' to 'Mighty No.9', this year saw more than its fair share of high-profile disappointments

Shadow of the Beast
'Shadow of the Beast' Sony Interactive Entertainment/Heavy Spectrum3/10

Shadow of the Beast

Fan service is no stranger to end-of-year, worst-of lists, and Shadow of the Beast is not this year's only entry in that category. The best thing you can say about Heavy Spectrum's re-imagining of Psygnosis' 1989 Amiga classic is that you get a version of the original game as an unlockable reward, allowing you some quality, video game archeology in the company of its epic monsters and idiosyncratic design. As for the new game, it simply parks you on seemingly-identical platforms in between endless waves of enemies and gives you little reason to be bothered to churn your way through them other than unlocking its 27-year-old inspiration.

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