10 Biggest Video Game Duds of 2016

From 'No Man's Sky' to 'Mighty No.9', this year saw more than its fair share of high-profile disappointments

No Man's Sky
'No Man's Sky' Hellog Games5/10

No Man's Sky

Not so much a game as the birth of a galactic, online squabblefest, No Man's Sky singlehandedly launched more hot takes and thinkpieces into space than any other title this year. As a result, its rather down-to-earth problems are universally well-known: when you can go anywhere and do anything but it all feels pretty much the same, why bother doing anything? Undeniably an incredible achievement, at launch No Man's Sky still felt more like a tech demo than a game – proof that endless worlds could be built by a handful of people in Guildford, tech that would undoubtedly be used in future games with far more playable results. With updates ongoing, there's every chance No Man's Sky may grow into something worth exploring its endless planets for; for now, it's a hugely-hyped, swiftly discounted title that leads everywhere and nowhere, more described than actively played.

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