10 Biggest Video Game Duds of 2016

From 'No Man's Sky' to 'Mighty No.9', this year saw more than its fair share of high-profile disappointments

Mighty No. 9
'Mighty No. 9' Comcept8/10

Mighty No. 9

An object lesson in how not to do crowdfunding, Keiji Inafune raised almost $4m on his original pitch for a modern, old school Mega Man-alike, only to prompt internet apoplexy when something that looked and played very differently to what was promised was released three years, and countless delays, later. Even with those delays, the release was inexplicably buggy, dropping frames and lurching in a fashion that did nothing to hide what still needed to be finished; in conjunction with mediocre level design and plain ugly visuals, all anyone remembers about Mighty No. 9 now is how furious it made the fans it was intended to serve.

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