10 Biggest Video Game Duds of 2016

From 'No Man's Sky' to 'Mighty No.9', this year saw more than its fair share of high-profile disappointments

Metroid Prime Federation Force
'Metroid Prime Federation Force' Nintendo10/10

Metroid Prime Federation Force

When a game's announcement triggers an online petition signed by 24,000 people calling for it to be cancelled, you know things aren't going to turn out well. And so it was for Metroid Prime Federation Force, and its decision to use of the words Metroid and Prime to describe a multiplayer FPS featuring a soccer minigame that shared no element of the design, gameplay, atmosphere or artwork from the Metroid Prime series. Unsurprisingly, the resulting mess failed to make the top 20 on release and vanished like the bad answer to a question no one ever asked that it was. An inexplicable squandering of goodwill toward a much-loved series, the fact that many gamers don't even realize this game exists is not a coincidence.

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