10 Biggest Video Game Duds of 2016

As the real world turns into a badly written, post-truth parody of video games' most lurid fantasies, maybe it's no coincidence that 2016 has been such a superb year for the industry. Faced with Duke Nukem's melted Lego head in the White House, one tiny finger hovering over that big button, there's also relentless carnage overseas and an endless procession of dying celebrities here at home. As a result, video games' potent mix of escapism and sociopathic tendencies has seldom seemed so relevant – or so necessary. From atmospheric indie headmelters like Inside to the all-conquering, online behemoth Overwatch, gamers have been spoiled for choice this year. But it's not all been good news. There are all sorts of reasons that games flop: from overhyped expectation and misplaced nostalgia, to incredible competition and bad design. Here are some of the choices that, for one or more of those reasons, may have made your gaming year as miserable as the one in the news.