10 Best Mobile Games of 2016

One of the best years ever for games on your phone

'Super Mario Run' Nintendo

3. Super Mario Run

Nintendo captured the essence of what makes Mario great in simplified form for mobile, and the game was an instant pop culture phenomenon. Sure, it helped that Apple promoted the crap out of it for months, but even without all the App Store placement it would have been a game release unlike any other. It's a hugely fun game that taps into the motivations that drove us to play through the original Super Mario Bros. over and over again all those years ago, and this time it adds a competitive element too. If we have any issues with it – it's the fact that the $9.99 to unlock the game is an in-app purchase, which means if you have you have your iTunes account set up for your family, you don't get to share the full game the way you would with a premium game like Minecraft or any of the others on this list. Though it's free to download and play the first three levels, that fee is the price you have to pay for each individual account.
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