10 Best Mobile Games of 2016

One of the best years ever for games on your phone

'Reigns' Devolver Digital

5. Reigns

Remember those old "choose your own adventure" books where you progressed through the story based on making simple binary decisions? Imagine that concept, only presented like the Tinder dating app, and that's Devolver Digital's "card game" Reigns. You play as a medieval monarch that has to work through a seemingly never-ending barrage of requests from advisors, peasants and enemies while balancing the different needs of your kingdom. Every decision is made with a simple swipe left or right and the story unfolds until you (inevitably) die a horrible death – sometimes after just a handful of swipes – and start over as the next in line to the throne. It would be a fun and clever concept regardless, but Reigns' true greatness is its blend of simplicity that's perfectly suited to mobile along with its wonderfully wry sense of humor. Things can get very weird, and though some aspects are common to every playthrough, there's a seemingly endless supply of new story elements every time you play, and they're often genuinely funny.
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