10 Best Mobile Games of 2016

One of the best years ever for games on your phone

'Mini Metro' Dinosaur Polo Club

10. Mini Metro

Imagine being the person that has to design the New York subway system, or the London Underground – that's the fundamental premise of Dinosaur Polo Club's beautifully elegant puzzle strategy title, which plays out like a living transit map. Originally conceived as a very simple browser game back in 2013 and eventually released in its full form for Windows, Mac and Linux last November, Mini Metro has since proven itself best-suited to smaller touchscreens. Stations on the map each have a specific geometric shapes, and you ascertain where passengers need to go by their corresponding shape. By connecting stations together, you have to meet passengers' demands while working within the limitations of the system. What begins as a very mellow, almost relaxing experience eventually evolves into a frantic, challenging juggling act that requires some real strategic thought.
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