10 Best Mobile Games of 2016

One of the best years ever for games on your phone

'Deus Ex Go' Square Enix

7. Deus Ex Go

If there's one thing Square Enix' Go games do particularly well, it's really zero in on the spirit of their source material while making something perfect for mobile screens. Hitman Go proved that a stealth-focused action game could be turned into a turn-based puzzler back in 2014, and a year later Lara Croft Go proved you could retain the essence of Tomb Raider's treasure hunting using the same kind of mechanics. This year, Deus Ex Go captures what makes Adam Jensen's adventures so cool – stealthily infiltrating enemy lairs while hacking sentry turrets and sneaking up on bad guys – but does so by blending all that cyberpunkiness with the familiar, thoughtful play style of the other Go games. To make the thing infinitely replayable, it also now has a puzzle making tool so you can build and share your own levels.
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